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Why Arab World Needs Doctors and Engineers?

Who is a Doctor?

A Doctor is a person who treats the other person health issues. He first diagnoses the problem of the person then he carefully examines his condition. After examining the condition the doctors than express and evaluate different kinds of balancing skills. After all the evaluation is done, the doctor is able to diagnose the problem of the patient easily. He then prescribes patient different and affecting medicines to the patient to get well. The medicine if taken on the recommended time the patient would only get healthy.

Why has the Warning sign about the doctor’s numbers been given to Arab government?

Recently the least chosen profession in the Arab world has been a doctor. The doctors are high required in the Arab areas, and they are high paid for their jobs. According to different surveys, the doctor is a most required profession in the Arab countries. Different kinds of doctor tier vacancies are present in the Arab countries. The experts who analyze such conditions has already given the government a hint about establishing the core for the doctors. According to the doctors, the new students should be trained for the doctor programs so they could be ready in next five to six years of the study. Experts also have advised that doctors should be from one branch they can all be used from the maximum amount of the branches. Arab countries need the doctors about every profession either it is a surgeon or the physician. The doctors are high required in the field.

Why are doctor community present in the Arab world worried about the doctors?

They are worried because every year the doctors are getting less it is getting difficult for the countries to get the doctors into the country. The less production rate of the doctor may be due to the easy life of the Arab world. The young generation may not want to put more efforts to come to a doctor. This could be one the fatal reason why Doctor core students in the Arab countries are fading away.

According to Prof Faisal Latif, the family medicine should be the ultimate goal of the health provision. That means students needs to take steps towards learning different techniques to be a doctor. As the country health is totally dependent on the persons, present there to take care and promote healthy precaution person. More doctors mean secure environment everyone is informed about the problems and what precautions should be taken.

One of the main reason there are fewer doctors in the Arab countries is due to lack of interest of the people towards the profession. Different government authorities are not taking the necessary steps to improve the countries situation. They are no established institutes to guide people towards the right path.

These are the reasons that Arab countries desperately need the doctors to help them establish a route to a healthy recovery in a time of the epidemic. No one wants a country worth billions get ruined due to less dedicated doctors.