Water Management

Water Quality Management

  • Existing natural water quality contains elevated levels of several metals, including iron, aluminum, and manganese
  • All water discharged into the stream will be required to meet water quality standards that are anticipated to reflect the naturally occurring water quality

Stream Flow Maintenance

  • Normal stream flow from natural runoff in the mine area averages approximately 6.5 million gallons/day and accounts for approximately 2% (1/50) of the estimated total daily flow of the Chuit River

    Watershed Stream Flow
  • As mining progresses, this natural runoff will be diverted either around the mining operation or through sedimentation ponds and returned to Stream 2003 below the mine boundary to maintain the normal flow levels in the stream
  • additional high-quality ground water from depressurizing an aquifer below the deepest coal seam will be available for release into surrounding streams to maintain normal flow levels in the streams