Telecom Service provider support to followers

Telecom Providers Customer Support on Social Media

In order to retain the subscribers, the Indian mobile phone operators are using the strategy by gaining the skills of dealing with the complaints on social media. At the same time, they paid special attention to provide training to their team to properly handle their customers.

The analysts suggest that operators must continuously find new ways of learning in order to react to the social media and their customers as an inability to deal rightly with the customers can ruin the brand’s image and can result in shifting the customer’s attention towards the other competitors.

Telecom Operators On Social Media

The operators of telecom services must be able to understand the need of getting different types of training to deal with the complaints conducted by the customer executives on social media as well as on calls. Social media provides very little time for the telecom service providers to react to the complaint and to manage their brand’s image and fulfilling the customer’s need are both equally important.

The challenges of dealing with the customers have come forward to the discussion with many analysts now. When a customer asks for help or wants its complaint to be solved than this must be done irrespective of what religious believes or background it belonged to. Employees and customers must not be differentiated based on there believes and values. All customers are important and it is very important that the telecom service provider must cater to the needs of their customers.

Telecom Service provider support to followers

The most frustrating thing that people find on social media is the inability of the page to respond back to its comments and messages. People feel like the service provider is considering themselves above anybody else, and this makes them shift their attention towards other providers.

Telecom Providers Customer Support

Telecom Providers Customer Support on social media has gained much importance over the years, as now the Twitter followers find social media as another platform to put their complaints forward. The telecom providers must learn new skills to solve the issues as once the damage on social has been done is considered permanent as now it takes seconds to damage the image of any brand. The experts say that we now live in a very aggressive age of social media where individuals show reaction without the factual data and information, therefore one must stay aware of all the points that can lead to permanent damage.

The telecom spokesperson says that if the customer has filled and complaint and it has not been answered and the customer contacts us again then for the ongoing issue the executive responds to the situation in the interest of time, for this we the telecom service providers request everyone to not misinterpret us as we do not judge anybody based on their beliefs and religious backgrounds. Airtel a famous Indian telecom company has responded to the customer on social media that they do not differentiate their customers based on race and ethnicity but it took only hours and the issue got viral.