Stream & Habitat Construction

Stream and Habitat Construction

Utilizing contemporary mining reclamation practices that support the construction of streams, rivers and lakes within a mined area, streams in the Chuitna Coal Mine Area will be reconstructed in their near original locations: such as was successfully done in the reclamation of the Valdez Creek Mine, located 45 miles east of Cantwell along the Denali Highway in Alaska, which mined through 2 miles of Valdez Creek to a depth of 270 feet and a width of 1200 feet and coal strip mines in soEuthwestern Illinois that mined through 4800 acres and replaced 16 miles of meandering stream channel and riparian areas in their near original location, a first in the state of Illinois

Design and construction of salmon habitat will be an integral part of the reconstructed streams; such as was done in the construction of meandering stream channels and side channels in Resurrection Creek Restoration near Hope, Alaska and Dave’s Creek Restoration at Tern Lake near Cooper Landing, Alaska.

In combination, with the habitat constructed before mining begins, there will be more salmon habitat after mining than there is today.