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Social Media Reaction towards World Cup

FIFA has gained the attention o almost all the social media platforms and the activities regarding it on social media are increasing day by day. People are excited about the world cup and this event the Football World Cup is considered to be the biggest event on social media now a day. There are a number of reasons why people are giving so much importance to FIFA on social media and why brands have increased their commercial focus there.

As Russia is hosting the World cup and this thing has added more unpredictability to the results. People have their eyes stuck on the teams and matches with high expectations of the unexpected things. Football is not only the game, its passion for the new generation as well as the old. This passion makes the people more involved in FIFA and they really want to have each and every update of the World Cup by being online and by having a look on post-match analysis that is done and then shared on a wide level globally.

Social media is going to be the biggest platform for the reactions, discussions, analysis, and updates for this World cup and people are going to have their maximum attention in this event. Snapchat and Twitter are becoming more active than ever before and almost more than 65 percent of the population has started using Twitter just to have experience and updates regarding this grand event. People over Snapchat are searching for the contents which are football related and they are more active for this event rather than they used to be before for just sending snaps.

Sports big fan buy instagram followers are playing a great role through social media by posting stuff and adding pictures regarding this great event which really shows their passion and love for football. The raised voices, campaigns, discussions, and analysis have added much more to this event.

The brand marketers are also making strategies for their brands by using the World cup campaign in their advertisements. They are making their advertisements with this FIFA theme as they know this will help them in doing successful marketing. This is going to be beneficial for them as at this time what people really want to see or hear about is the FIFA World Cup.

buy instagram likesPeople who used to watch the Football matches via Television they are now watching it online which has really increased the social media use for this purpose. Facebook and Twitter live broadcast these matches which make it more easy and exciting for the people to watch the match even in their busy schedule on their mobile phone. They don’t need to stick around the television for this sake.

Most of the people don’t care who wins and who doesn’t. They just want to enjoy the game. This event has brought great excitement in almost everyone’s lives. People are using their social media accounts more than they ever used and all this is because of the trill and passion of them for the football World cup.


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