Resurrection Creek - Design & Construction

Restoration Plan and Design

Aspects of the restoration design included:

  • Construction of a new meandering channel,
  • Distribution of historic tailings piles to create new floodplains,
  • Construction of side channels and other off-channel habitat,
  • Spreading of soil on new floodplains and
  • Re-vegetation of floodplains and riparian areas (USDA, 2007-reformatted)

Meandering Stream Channel Design

Designs for stream channel and floodplain construction were based on a reference reach in Resurrection Creek undisturbed by mining above the impacted area, were prepared to ...restore {the} 1-mile placer mining-affected reach of Resurrection Creek to its natural condition. (USDA,2004)

Meandering Stream Channel Construction

The construction plan was implemented over the course of 2 summers. To the right is the construction sequence of one of the designed meanders in 2005. Chinook salmon were observed utilizing constructed pools during construction.

Picture of a creek
Top: Project area in 2002 showing channelized stream bed and flood plain disconnected by large tailings piles. Bottom: Project area in 2007 showing meandering stream channel constructed according to design and tailings piles redistributed to reconstructed floodplain