Jobs and Local Economy

The Chuitna Coal Project will create up to 500 direct jobs during construction; up to 350 direct, full-time, year-round jobs during the operating life of the mine; and up to an estimated 1200 indirect jobs.

Jobs created may include the following:

At the mine site:
Heavy Equipment Operators, Laborers, Drillers, Blasters, Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Welders, Electricians, Foreman, Surveyors, Mine Engineers, Mine Safety Officers, Reclamation specialist, Hydrologist and Biologist, Permit Manager, Material Handling System Operators, Warehousemen

As part of the mine infrastructure:
Camp Services (cooks, housekeeping, maintenance, camp manager), Conveyor Operators, Conveyor system maintenance personal, Electricians,Road maintenance crew (grader, loader, dump truck, brush equipment)

At the port facilities:
Laborers, Warehousemen, Stevedore Services (barge and ship berth), Tug boat captains, Coal stacker/reclaimer operators, Yard Conveyor operators, Light equipment operators (loader, bobcat, grader), Ship loader operator, Port manager, Coal laboratory

General administration:
Receptionist/Secretaries, Accountants, Purchasing Agents, Payroll clerk, Accounts payable clerk(s), Mine Superintendant, Department Heads (Engineering, operations, maintenance, finance, HR)