Project infrastructure consists of camp facilities near the mine area to house employees, a private mine road to access and supply the mine, and a state of the art elevated coal conveyor system to transport coal efficiently, cleanly and directly from the mine area to the port facilities at Ladd Landing.

The unique design of this conveyor system will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the Project infrastructure compared to prior project infrastructre designs. For example, maintenance of the conveyor itself is handled from a service vehicle that rides on the conveyor, thereby eliminating the need for a service road along the conveyor route.

Top ten ways in which environmental impact will be reduced:

  1. A smaller “footprint” from support towers spaced up to 1400 feet apart,
  2. A higher minimum conveyor ground clearance of 20 feet,
  3. Elimination of all coal transfer points between the mine and the port,
  4. Elimination of 9 miles of high voltage electrical transmission line,
  5. Reduce conveyor aerial stream crossings from 7 to 1,
  6. Elimination of all surface disturbances at the stream conveyor crossing,
  7. Conveyor noise lowered to normal conversation levels of 50 to 55 dB,
  8. Reduction in new road construction from 12 miles to 6,
  9. Narrowed road width from 80 feet to about 24 feet, and
  10. Reduction in new access road stream crossings from 7 to 1.

Overall, the above reconfigurations result in a reduction of affected wetlands from 103 acres down to 29 acres, a 72% reduction