Fish Protection

Baseline Monitoring before Mining

  • To supplement fish monitoring efforts dating back to the 1980’s, 3 fish monitoring stations have been operated for 3 successive summers in Stream 2003, Stream 2004 and in the Chuit River above the Tyonek Bridge
  • Results show both streams are Coho salmon resources; Chinook salmon stay predominantly in the river, more than 6 stream miles below the mine area
  • Stream 2003 produces approximately 6,000-9,900 coho smolt/year of the estimated 37,000-45,000 smolt per year from the watershed above the Tyonek Bridge
  • Approximately 1,200 adult coho salmon returned to Stream 2003 in the summer of 2008

Fish Habitat Construction

  • The portions of Stream 2003 within the mine area provide roughly 13 acres of predominantly rearing habitat; coho spawning occurs within the lowest 1.5 mile stretch in the proposed mine area
  • Utilizing techniques successfully implemented in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska dating back to the 1960’s, off channel salmon spawning and rearing habitat will be constructed below the mine area prior to operations to replace the habitat temporarily lost during mining.
  • This constructed habitat will be left after mining, and in combination with the reconstructed stream within the mine area, there will be more spawning and rearing habitat after mining than there was before mining