Denali Mine Reclamation

The operator the Valdez Creek Mine conducted surface pit mine operations with contemporaneous reclamation that included:

  • Contouring of the reclaimed area to near original grade
  • Design and Construction of two (2) miles of main stream channel in reclaimed area
  • Design and Construction of perennial steam channels in reclaimed area
  • Floodplain Construction in reclaimed area
  • Lake Construction and wetland construction
  • Re-Vegetation

"Final reclamation was completed one year after mining ceased. The mine operators were presented with the Alaska Governors Award for mine reclamation and a BLM Health of the Land Award. Photos show the open pit mining operation, recontouring of the surface, and recovery of vegetation during the first two summers. Fishery and wildlife habitat were not only protected, but improved by providing increased wetland area. Historical buildings were preserved."