Chuit River Watershed

River and Stream Lengths

  • The Chuit River system is made of the Chuit River and its tributaries.
  • The Chuit River is about 6 stream miles south of the southern boundary of the Chuitna Coal Mine Area
  • One of the tributaries, Middle Creek, is listed in the ADF&G Anadromous Waters Catalogue as Stream 2003
  • The upper portion of Middle Creek is in the mine area and represents about 5% of the total stream length in the watershed.

    Watershed Stream Lengths

Precipitation and Flow

  • Annual precipitation in the Chuit Watershed averages 44-47inches/year which is about 121 billion gallons/year
  • The estimated flow at the mouth of the Chuit River is about 300 million gallons/day
  • Measured flow in Stream 2003 at the mine southern boundary is about 6.5 million gallons/day which is about 2% of the total estimated flow in the Chuit River

    Watershed Stream Flow