What is the Chuitna Coal Project?

The Chuitna Coal Project is being designed by PacRim Coal, LP, as a surface coal mine with contemporaneous reclamation to recover an estimated 300 million tons of sub-bituminous ultra low sulfur coal. 

It is located on the west side of Cook Inlet in the Chuit River Watershed in the Kenai Peninsula Borough of Alaska, approximately 12 miles northwest of the Native Village of Tyonek and 45 miles west of Anchorage.  Permitting for the project began in 2006 and is currently in the advanced permitting phase. 

Production is expected to average 12 million metric tons per year which will depend on market demand.  Major components of the Project are: the Mine Area, the Infrastructure and the Port Facilities.

Significant changes to prior designs for the Chuitna Coal Project have been made to reduce potential impacts and improve the Chuitna Project compatibility with the local environment.

These beneficial changes to the infrastructure have resulted in a 74% reduction in the overall project infrastructure footprint and a 72% reduction in affected wetlands. These changes will be reflected in revisions to the applications for the permits to develop the Chuitna Coal Project.

Our Mission

The Chuitna Coal Project will develop important energy resources; improve local economies; fund AK Mental Health Land Trust programs throughout Alaska; protect and ultimately enhance the local environment, especially for fish and wildlife habitat.